Canadian Association for Numismatic Education
Association canadienne pour education numismatique

Our Mandate

  1. To educate the public about numismatics on the study of coins, currency, medals, tokens, paper money, and related objects primarily from Canada, but also including other cultures, past and present, through the provision of educational programs and activities;
  2. To conduct research about primarily Canadian numismatics and to communicate the results therefrom to interested individuals, groups, organizations, academics, and governments in order to educate the public about numismatics; and
  3. To give scholarships and bursaries for the study and research of numismatics.

CAFNE/ACPEN has assisted the funding of the following:

  • Ottawa Coin Club 2011 publication "MONETA"
  • RCNA 2012 Annual Symposium - Calgary, Alberta
  • RCNA 2012 Annual Coin Grading & Preservation course - Humber College in Toronto, Ontario
  • RCNA Coin Kids events - 2012
  • RCNA 2013 Annual Symposium - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • RCNA 2013 Annual Coin Grading & Preservation course - Humber College in Toronto, Ontario
  • RCNA 2013 Coin Kids events - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Educational Symposium at the 2013 Toronto Coin Expo - Fall Show, Toronto Ontario
  • Educational Symposium at the 2014 Toronto Coin Expo - Spring and Fall shows - Toronto, Ontario
  • RCNA 2014 Educational Symposium - Mississauga, Ontario
  • RCNA 2014 Coin Grading and Preservation one day course - Mississauga, Ontario
  • Nickel Belt Coin Club educational symposium - 2016
  • 2 Toronto Coin Expo educational symposiums - 2016
  • South Wellington Coin Society (Ontario) educational symposium - 2016
  • RCNA Coin Grading and Preservation course (subsidy) at Humber College - 2016
  • RCNA two day Educational Symposium at the 2016 RCNA convention in Ottawa
  • Toronto Coin Expo educational symposium (June 2 - 3, 2017)
  • Toronto Coin Expo Educational Speakers - May and October 2019
  • Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association - Educational Speaker - April 2019
  • Club de Numismates du Bas St-Laurent - Educational Speakers 2019
  • Royal Canadian Numismatic Association Educational Symposium - Calgary 2019
  • Royal Canadian Numismatic Association Library - 2019


The CAFNE board requires a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 11 Elected Directors. The current board consists of:

Scott E. Douglas, Chairperson

Robert Forbes, RCNA President

Henry Nienhuis, RCNA Past President

Mike Walsh, Publisher of Canadian Coin News

William Waychison

Lloyd Chan

Yvon Marquis

Michael Turrini

Chris Boyer

Dan McCormick

Logan Kehoe

Paul Johnson, Secretary

notre mandat

  1. Pour éduquer le public sur la numismatique sur l'étude des pièces de monnaie, monnaie, médailles, jetons, papier-monnaie, et des objets liés principalement du Canada, mais aussi d'autres cultures, y compris, passé et présent, grâce à la fourniture de programmes éducatifs et d'activités;
  2. Pour effectuer des recherches sur la numismatique canadienne et surtout de communiquer les résultats ci aux personnes intéressées, groupes, organisations, des universitaires et des gouvernements afin d'éduquer le public sur la numismatique, et
  3. Pour donner des bourses pour l'étude et la recherche de la numismatique.


All coin clubs, individuals and organizations who plan and execute a numismatic educational event can apply for funding.

For more information, please contact the Secretary:

5694 Highway #7 East, Suite 432
Markham ON Canada L3P 1B4
Telephone: 647-401-4014

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